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The minimum labour charge is fine for a one off job of say adjusting/setting the rear gears where the hanger would be set for alignment,gear limits set and cable tension set. Any more than one job, e.g. adjust gears and tighten headset, then the regular service is recommended as this sets and adjusts all the parts on the bike and covers the labour of fitting any new parts.

The Major Service is great to strip out bearings, replace as necessary, clean re-grease and install. This service is also good for creak finding.

All our listed service packages exclude extras like brake bleeding, fork servicing and shock servicing as not all bikes have these.

Bicycle Servicing and Repairs

Wheel True £14
Puncture fix £14.95 Usually we can do this while you wait.
Min Labour Charge £18 Fixes 1 item ie tune rear gears
Wheel True-bladed £20
Wheel true including spoke(s) replaced £21
Brake bleed £22 brakes degreased and bled
Wheel true and spoke replace £26 additional spokes £1each
Wheel build £35 .
Rear Hub rebuild £42 strip and replace all bearings + freehub
Regular Service £48 Wheels trued, brakes, gears, headset and bottom bracket adjusted. Includes fitting of new parts.
Pick up service £66 Collect from your home/work, reg service and deliver back
E-bike service £74 Firmware update + full bosch diagnostic service
Major Service £75 Regular Service with addition of re-grease headset and bottom bracket.
Fork Service £89 Includes relevant seal kit
Shock Service £89 Includes relevant seal kit
Pick up E-bike service £92 Collect/deliver from your home/workplace
Bike Build £165
Carbon internal bike build £180 Bike build with internal routed cabling